Working together for sustainable success


At PIL-IP, we share close bonds not just with our customers but with each other too. We celebrate a culture rooted in openness and mutual respect. Close collaboration and teamwork play an integral role in our company’s performance, our every achievement being the direct result of these core values.

The qualities we look for


As an equal opportunity employer, Pidilite recruits people purely on the basis of merit. We recognise that a diverse workforce will deliver diversity in thought, innovation, and customer care. We welcome the exchange of diverse ideas for this only enriches our performance and boosts our growth. Attracting and retaining talented individuals of all backgrounds is important for us. And so, we take care to create an all-inclusive culture that provides ample opportunities for career development and success for all.

Not just that, no matter if you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned professional, at Pidilite we appreciate the knowledge and expertise every member brings to the team.