Working together for sustainable success


At PIL-IP Culture and Diversity are strategic imperatives and key priorities. We ensure that right culture is not only embedded in our ways of work with our customers but it also embedded internally between each other too. Our culture encourages collaboration and enables the division to grow and innovate and in order to achieve this the key elements of our culture are Investing in Employees, Transparent Communication and Caring & Connecting.

Investing in Employees – We truly care about the professional growth of our team members to motivate them to really engage and to bring their best thinking and whole, empathetic self to work each day to effectively meet the needs of internal and external customers. T&D programs to help our employees improve their skills and leadership potential and on-the-job learning experiences through cross functional projects / assignments are always our key priorities when it comes to investing in our employees.

Transparent Communication – We give employees the opportunity to understand what the business is doing, in other words, we are always transparent about our successes and failures, and share the important learnings that result from both. Through various forums such as IRMs, DRMs, Un-Meetings, Management Meetings, Open Houses, etc. we give our employees robust updates about business and opportunity to share their voice on key topics impacting our culture, engagement and execution.

Caring & Connecting – In addition to understanding the professional priorities and concerns of our employees, we bring a holistic engagement to life for our employees through the company-wide HAH (Happy and Healthy Pidilite) program whereby numerous events every year provide an opportunity to employees to participate in activities that our focussed on well-being of Mind, Body and Spirit. Besides we also have forums such as Open Houses, Birthday Lunch, Annual Conferences and Un-meetings to connect with each and every employee.

The qualities we look for


As an equal opportunity employer, Pidilite recruits people purely on the basis of merit. We recognise that a diverse workforce will deliver diversity in thought, innovation, and customer care. We welcome the exchange of diverse ideas for this only enriches our performance and boosts our growth. Attracting and retaining talented individuals of all backgrounds is important for us. And so, we take care to create an all-inclusive culture that provides ample opportunities for career development and success for all.

Not just that, no matter if you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned professional, at Pidilite we appreciate the knowledge and expertise every member brings to the team.