Training is of growing importance to organisations seeking to gain an advantage among competitors. The most positive benefit of training is the creation of a workforce that is better equipped to handle their responsibilities. Employees are more loyal to companies that value their growth and give importance to cultivating it. This ensures better employee performance and a decrease in the rollover rate at any company, no matter how small or large.

At Pidilite, we give special emphasis to the training needs of our employees. The learning strategy we follow is the Lombardo &Eichinger (1996) model of 70:20:10. The training delivery model is built on the philosophy of building knowledge, skill, and capability in the workforce. Also, the learning outcome is dependent on the level and type of position of the employee.

Given below is the diagrammatic representation of the IP learning strategy under PIPLA:

The training curriculum has been divided into four categories of specialisation courses. They are: