• With years of experience in manufacturing a comprehensive line of high performance water-based, solvent-based, and hot melt adhesives for various applications, Pidilite has a long history of recognition as an adhesives expert.
  • Water-based Lamination Adhesives based on various chemistries.
  • Water-based Dry Lamination Adhesives: Mainly low viscosity products suitable for Gravure / Anilox / Roller applicators.
  • A wide range of Water-based Adhesives for making and packing Cigarettes.
  • The capacity to formulate tailor-made solutions to meet the most demanding bonding challenges has earned Pidilite a reputation as a smart custom manufacturer and a trusted partner for customers across a range of industries.
  • Wet lamination adhesives: Products tailor-made for conventional manual machines and semi -automatic machines.
  • Cigarette manufacturing: Tailor-made products for various applications and also for medium to high speed machines.
  • We keep pace with global market trends, and combine the highest quality standards with eco-friendly features to develop a range of performance-driven industrial adhesives.
  • Our high performance adhesives are designed for outstanding processing performance and seamless integration into diverse manufacturing processes.
  • Our versatile water-based adhesive products are designed for diverse applications including high strength core applications, and different substrates including porous and non-porous substrates.
  • Our wet lamination adhesives offer high gloss and premium quality finish, high peel properties, and good coverage for a range of applications.

Industrial Adhesives

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