Acrolite HP Red P5BD is a transparent, yellowish-red, high performance pigment. It can be used at wide range concentration to get outstanding fastness. It can be combined with inorganic and organic pigments to improve properties.

Product Features

  • Transparent, yellowish-red, high performance pigment
  • Wide range concentration to get outstanding fastness
  • Combined with inorganic and organic pigment to improve properties

Technical Specification

  • Physical appearance : Powder
  • Bulk density (lit/kg) : 3.0-4.0
  • Moisture content (% max) : 1
  • pH (10% slurry) : 6-8
  • Heat stability (°C) : 200°C
  • Oil absorption (ml/100 gm) : 35-40
  • Specific gravity (gm/cm3) : 1.4 – 1.5

Application of Product

  • Majorly used in decorative paints, industrial paints, artist colours, colourants and automotive paints
  • Can be used for offset, screen, NC, PA, Vinyl, PU, water-based, and metal deco inks

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