Fevicol ANR 124 is a high-strength anaerobic adhesive ideally designed for the secured locking of studs. It enables faster installation of studs.

Product Features

  • Single component
  • High strength
  • Solventless
  • Fills gaps up to 0.25 mm
  • Good resistance to all usual fluids, gases and chemicals
  • Temperature resistance up to 150° C
  • Prevents thread corrosion

Technical Specification

  • ppearance: Red clear liquid
  • Viscosity: 10 P
  • Setting time: 15 minutes
  • Breakaway torque: 250 kgf.cm
  • Prevailing torque: 150 kgf.cm

Application of Product

  • Perfect for secured locking of studs such as anchor and larger diameter studs
  • Suitable for high-strength thread locking applications

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