Fevikwik 406 is a medium viscous, fast setting cyanoacrylate adhesive designed to bond plastics and elastomeric materials that require very quick fixtures.

Product Features

  • Colorless
  • Fast setting

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: Cleartransparent liquid
  • Viscosity: Approximately 20 to 30 cP
  • Specific gravity: Approximately 1.06
  • Lap shear strength MS to MS: 80 kg/cm²
  • Lap shear strength PVC to PVC: 40 kg/cm²
  • Lap shear strength ABS to ABS: 40 kg/cm²
  • Operating temperature : -50 to 80° C
  • Flash point: Minimum 85° C
  • Gap fill: 0.1 mm
  • Cure speed: Minimum 5 seconds
  • Full cure time: 24 hours

Application of Product

  • Perfec t for bonding of plastics and rubber components
  • In the electronic industry, apt for bonding name plates to equipments with plastic body
  • Ideal for assembling plastic-knobs, fixing PVC/rubber gaskets to metal parts, optic instruments etc.

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