Teknotex AM 300

TEKNOTEX AM 300 is a polymer-based antimicrobial that uses delivery system to transport and secure the silver ions to a treated article.

Product Features

  • Smart Control: Controlled release of silver for improved durability
  • Improved Durability: Long term efficacy and improved cost-to-treat
  • Novel Liquid Formulation: A clear and non-tacky solution that is easy to dilute, dose formulate and apply
  • Broad Spectrum Activity: Controls various odor-causing microorganisms
  • Color Stability: improved product quality and appearance vs. other silver products
  • Thermal Stability: High tolerance in manufacturing
  • Easy to coat natural and synthetic fibres
  • Compatible with a broad range of woven and non-woven additives, including fluorocarbon chemicals, softeners, anti-wrinkle resins, etc
  • Maintains aesthetics of the fabric
  • Can be applied by both pad and exhaustion process

Technical Specification

  • Physical appearance: Pale yellow to amber coloured
  • pH: 9.5 ± 1
  • Silver concentration: 0.08-0.12 (via titration, wt%)

Application of Product

  • Anti-microbial Finish for textile

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