Teknotex WR 830

Finishing is a process that enhances the quality of the substrate. Textile finishing chemicals improve the aesthetic value. Water repellent chemical textiles are those which resist being wetted by water, water drops will roll off the fabric.

Teknotex WR 830, Teknotex WR 625 are the water repellent finishes for textiles. Teknotex WR 830 is a highly effective fluorocarbon-dispersion for universal use. It is suitable for all kinds of fibres. Using suitable crosslinkers/boosters a very high laundry resistance can be obtained. Excellent anti-soiling effect with good durability. Ideal for pre-conditioning of goods for coating and application in protective rainwear, rainwear & uniform fabrics.

Product Features

  • Imparts water and oil repellency, especially strong water repellency to all types of fabric substrate and their blends
  • Performance is wash durable if used with blocked isocyanate
  • It has good compatibilities with other textile auxiliaries
  • It displays low sensitivity to residues on the goods
  • It shows good stabilities against atmospheric conditions and UV-radiation
  • It is free from PFOS & PFOA

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: White yellowish emulsion %
  • Active: 29 ±1
  • pH: 2.5 – 4.5
  • Specific gravity (at 250C): ca 1.04
  • Solubility: Readily miscible in cold water

Application of Product

  • Oil & Water Repellent for textile auxiliary by padding method

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