Four-component pre-weighed system comprising of resin, hardener, colour pack and reactive aggregates which on uniform mixing form a well-adhered layer on concrete floors. It is usually applied in 1 mm thickness.

Product Features

Excellent adhesion
  • Zero VOC
  •  Fast curing
  • Thicker film
  • Water borne

Technical Specification

  • Chemical composition: PU concrete
  • Physical:  Matt finish


  • ASTM D 2471
  • ASTM D 2697
  • ASTM D 1640
  • ASTM D 695
  • ASTM D 638
  • ASTM D1186
  • ASTM D 790

Application of Product

  •  priming screed which contains resin, hardener, colour and aggregates. To a mixing bowl, unpack all the contents of the pack and start an agitation for a minute, Apply the screed as a scratch coat to a thickness of 1mm by a notched trowel

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