ZORRIK C70344 2mm

PU concrete is a four-component PU floor topping recommended for the most demanding applications in the industry. PU concrete is a polyurethane-concrete flooring system designed to provide outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance. PU concrete is available in a few limited colours. It has excellent thermal shock resistance and hence can be applied to those areas where heating and cooling occur intermittently.

Product Features

  • Excellent resistance is observed against distilled water, detergent solutions, alkalies and acids
  • High Strength for shock resistance and impact resistance

Technical Specification

  • Chemical composition: PU concrete
  • Physical: Dull finish


  • ASTM D 2471
  • ASTM D 2697
  • ASTM D 1640
  • ASTM D 4541

Application of Product

  •  PU concrete contains 4 components viz. resin, hardener, colour and reactive aggregates. Unpack all the ingredients and mix. Lay the mixture by a trowel. PU concrete the layer by a spike roller and allow to cure

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