LC Acrofin Black PKAL

During some tests, it has been verified by Pidilite that the Acrofin PKAL range is basically a series of pigments stabilized with Casein or Binder free medium. Consequently, Acrofin PKAL is hardly affected by fungus. Besides, even the aging of PKAL series of pigments does not increase any risks to fungal growth.

Being matte in nature, it is extremely useful for humid atmospheric conditions, and gives natural grain look to the finished leather products.

As far as consumption is concerned, due to the highly-concentrated nature, its per litre or per sq. ft. consumption is comparatively less.
It also generally saves money when compared the process cost with corresponding casein-based pigments.

Acrofin PKAL range is devoid of any banning jeopardies, such as for Heavy metals, Cr(VI) and free formaldehyde.
As per the current results, leathers finished with PKAL pigments have not faced any quality issues in overseas markets.