LC Acrytan 8001

Pidilite processed the chemical solution of Acrytan 8001 for better selective filling and better cutting value to fill the belly, loose and flank area, and thus observed the levelling of thickness. Being of higher molecular weight, Acrytan 8001 imparts fine, tight and flat grain.

The function of Acrytan is based on neutralizing pH. We tested Acrytan 8001 in two different cases. It is applied to leather such as shoe upper leather and neutralized it up to pH 4.3-4.8. The solution gave excellent grain tightness to it.

In the next case, Acrytan 8001 is used to neutralize leather (used for garments or goods leather) up to 5.5-6.8 pH, with result of excellent body and mellow handle with milled pattern.

Some of its characteristics are light fastness and excellent light fastness with four ratings on the Grey scale. It has been approved by a confirmatory report that it is useful for light or pastel shades or white leather.

The other miscellaneous benefits of this solution are lower inventory, storage benefits; and highly useful for shoe upper and uniform natural milled leather.