LC Acrytan MA 30

Pidilite has experimented with chemical solution ACRYTAN MA 30 to get stable results at various pH range. First, to maintain the natural inner softness of leather and to obtain it with the extreme end properties.

Secondly, it is totally recommended for upholstery or other leathers of similar kind, to be dried by the wet toggling method. Also, being stable towards ACRYTAN chrome and mild acids, it is widely used in dye houses

At the same time, it removes the papery nature of wet toggled upholstery or automotive leather, and maintains inner softness even after wet toggling.

With the two main attributes, grain tightness and roundness, ACRYTAN MA 30 proves the right agent to produce a wide variety of leather, unlike other Syntans that have limited end use.

ACRYTAN MA 30 functions unlike any other styrene, but goes well with styrene maleic resins.