LC Acrytan RT (C)

ACRYTAN RT (C) surges density and strength of fibre due to its drum Impregnation property. It works like a wonder for loose portions of full-grain leather and for the split with coarse fibre matrix. Largely beneficial for Nubuck Leather, and split suede with fine naps.

With results obtained after its application in various articles, it is proved that RT (C) helps to improve tensile or tear strength of leather by 50-60 percent over the normal application.

Due to its amphoteric nature, it has a wide range of applications with effects from tanning up to any stage in retentive.

Pidilite has observed in various cases that ACRYTAN RT (C) is a useful universal impregnation agent.

It is recommended that during the application of ACRYTAN RT (C) one must dully penetrate the leather, otherwise it gives negative results. So, 0.5 to 1 percent RT and 0.5 to 1 percent of chrome stable fat liquor can be used during tanning.