7,8 There is reason for concern, however, that some of the

And now a new front has been opened in this transatlantic tussle for the game’s soul calendars full of what my mother used to call “nudie” pictures (for the record, she was referring to early editions of Loaded).Even their calendars throw up some revealing differences between the two players and if you are willing to go along with the threadbare premise of this piece their home continents.Gulbis, who once told FHM that she has “always liked wearing short skirts and heels”, makes an up front appeal for pro shop wall space.Bikini clad, the 5′ 9″ blonde arranges herself into a dozen sporty but saucy poses on a Californian beach. All very “swimsuit issue” and as subtle as “shock and awe”.The only connection to golf appears to be the tricky lies and difficult pin positions that Gulbis manages to find.Sandolo, on the other hand, opts for a far subtler approach, if that is possible whilst wearing a see through sequin dress. She’s even holding a golf club in some pictures.The effect is more Emmanuelle meets Golf Monthly, although that publication would never tolerate high heels on the putting surface.But what Gulbis and Sandolo have in common is a keen grasp of that old adage “if you can’t whip ’em, whip ’em off”.Now while it would be unfair to tickle either of them with the Anna Kournikova brush, neither of them has actually won a professional tournament yet.Despite that seemingly fundamental flaw in their CVs, Gulbis and Sandolo are among the most popular and successful players on their respective tours.Gulbis has her own reality television show, has featured in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list and has shifted record numbers of her previous two calendars.Sandolo is still waiting for a call from TV land but an appearance on Golf Punk’s cover is practically assured and her profile on the LET website is already the most visited.Gulbis, for her part, does not duck the Kournikova comparisons.”I’m very flattered, she’s a beautiful girl and it’s always flattering to be compared to her,” the Solheim Cup star told American TV channel ESPN.”But I’m very happy with the year that I had.

The techniques include holding swimsuit contests, body art exhibitions, and having troops of female models distribute free samples of cigarettes.2,3 Document research has revealed that bar and nightclub promotions were being used in the 1980s and grew in importance in the 1990s. More recently swimsuits online, the tobacco industry has made use of the alternative press to reach young adults who frequent these establishments.4,5 Sepe and Glantz quantified a 300% increase in tobacco advertisements linked with bars and clubs in entertainment weeklies in San Francisco and Philadelphia between 1994 and 1999.5 At the same time, there has been an increase in smoking prevalence among young adults and an increase in the rate at which young adult intermittent smokers progressed to habitual smoking.6 8 Some, but not all, of the increase can be attributed to the aging of youth cohorts with higher smoking prevalence.7,8 There is reason for concern, however, that some of the increase is due to the intensification of tobacco promotions in bars and clubs.Although there is ample evidence of their existence from document research, from analysis of advertising practices, and from anecdotal reports in the popular press,9 13 no published research has systematically monitored bar and nightclub promotions to determine their nature and prevalence, and to assess whether or not the promotions are abiding by the restrictions set out in the MSA. The current study was undertaken to fill those gaps by examining the phenomenon in the Boston metropolitan area.