Pidivyl FS 45 is water based medium range product with faster secondary operation. It is used to make cartons to pack tiles.

Product Features

  • Moderate viscosity suitable for pumping
  • Optimum drying product
  • Faster secondary operation
  • Prevents microbial growth when used for sheet pasting than natural products

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: Milky white to off white
  • Solid content at 105º C for 90 minutes: Minimum 32%
  • Viscosity at 30º C: 10 P to 20 P
  • pH: 4 to 6

Application of Product

  • Ideal for corrugated sheet pasting application on automatic machines
  • Used in board to board pasting
  • Suitable as staple less box pasting for high speed application
  • Perfect for micro fluting
  • Great for carton formation for tile packaging

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