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January 3, 2023

An Overview of Rubber Adhesives

What is rubber? Rubber is defined as “a tough elastic polymeric substance that is made from the latex…

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December 22, 2022

Things You Should Know Before Selecting the Best Epoxy Adhesive for Plastic

What is an adhesive? An adhesive is a non-metallic substance that has the ability to bind different materials…

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June 20, 2022

All You Need to Know About Epoxy Coating

What is an Epoxy Coating? Epoxy coating is a durable, protective substance used to prevent carbon steel tanks…

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June 20, 2022

Types of Textile Printing And Its Importance

What is Textile Printing? Textile printing is the technique of applying colour and decorating a wide range of…

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An Overview of Water and Oil Repellent Textile Finishing Chemicals

The chemical finishing of textiles is the most predominant in the Textile finishing process. Textile finishing chemicals improve…

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Food – Safe Adhesives for Food and Beverage Packaging

We live in a world of Adhesives. Adhesives are used in almost every item we use or see…

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fabric printing methods
March 22, 2022

Fabric Printing Methods – Which Printing Technology To Choose?

Fabric colouration technique that combines art, engineering & dyeing technology to produce coloured textile substrate. It includes dyeing…

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types of textiles
March 22, 2022

Different Types of Technical Textiles and Their Applications

What is Technical Textile? Technical textiles are defined as textile materials and products used primarily for their technical…

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