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Industrial Resins

Our company provides a wide range of high-performance specialty solutions that are durable and cost-effective. These solutions include water-borne resins for road marking paints, acrylic and polyurethane binders for textile coatings, self-cross-linking acrylics, and acrylic urethane hybrid resins for water-based wood coating applications. With over 30 years of experience in Industrial Resins, our brand has become a trusted name in the industry…

Leather Chemicals

Pidilite Leather Chemicals is known for the State of Art Production Facility with a strong R & D support. Pidilite Leather Chemicals is famous for its Strong ACRYLICS chemistry , PUDs & Pigments inline with latest Trends. Pidilite has a strong presence among the chemicals used in Leather Industry due to its quality Consistency coupled with High Performance. As the Product offer meets almost all the requirements of the chemicals for Leather Industry, Pidilite is a preferred partner among the Tanners…

Footwear Adhesives

What are Footwear Adhesives? The footwear industry is deeply linked with adhesives since footwear manufacturing includes the processing and assembly of diverse components made of a variety of materials, in which various footwear adhesives play an important role. The right adhesive selection is critical to ensuring the required bond strength. Furthermore, the wide range of materials utilised in the footwear industry necessitates the employment of specifically designed adhesives…

Industrial Adhesives

Pidilite Industrial Products offers a comprehensive range of industrial adhesives that are specially designed for specific applications and are known for their strength and durability. With years of manufacturing experience and expertise, our water-based, solvent-based, and hot-melt adhesives cater to a wide range of industrial applications, including low-viscosity dry lamination, food-grade packaging, cigarette manufacturing, mattress manufacturing, and wet lamination. We are committed to providing eco-friendly, high-quality adhesives that meet the most demanding bonding challenges and seamlessly integrate into manufacturing processes. Pidilite Industrial Products remains the best industrial adhesive manufacturer in India for all industrial adhesive needs due to its superior quality and performance.

Industrial Bonding Solutions

What is Industrial Bonding Solution? Industrial bonding solutions typically comprise specialised glues, adhesives, and sealants that are used in a variety of industrial & engineering applications. While the primary purpose of glues and adhesives is to bond two substrates, industrial sealants are used to fill gaps between different substrates to prevent the passage of liquid or gas. Pidilite Industries Limited offers the most extensive range of industrial adhesives and sealants that are specifically designed…

Paper Chemicals

Pidilite is market leader in pigment dispersion for paper tinting, we have India’s first pigment manufacturing unit, and our consistent  quality and wide range of products have made us the preferred choice of customers. We have an excellent R&D and leading-edge setup for pigment and specialty chemical manufacturing.We offer specialized coating binders and Dispersing agents that cater to the emerging printing needs of our customers. Our binders are compatible with all kinds of pigments, including titanium dioxide, and they maintain high gloss and brightness…..

Textile Chemicals

Dyeing systems, finishing systems, printing systems, specialty auxiliaries, and technical textiles are all important components of the textile industry. The development of innovative systems and products, as well as the increasing focus on sustainability, has led to the growth of the textile industry and its diverse range of products and services. With continued advancements in technology and materials, the textile industry is poised to meet the needs of various sectors, including fashion, home textiles, medical textiles, and industrial textiles.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Solutions

At Pidilite, we are committed to offering our clients the best and most suitable products and services of Speciality coating for concrete & steel, cold repair, Leak repair, sealants, Adhesives, Anti-seize, Aerosols, and Industrial flooring. No matter what your maintenance, repair & Overhaul needs are, you can trust Pidilite to meet your specific requirements reliably, and skillfully. The Right Solutions for MRO Application Why our solutions are the first choice of customers: • Improve efficiency, reliability, and safety • Reduce the downtime cost of spares • Reduce energy cost • Extend the life of equipment • Minimise the cost of maintenance • Include assurance of timely services and correct recommendations.

Industrial Resins
Leather Chemicals
Footwear Adhesives
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Pidilite Industries Ltd is India’s leading manufacturer for adhesives, construction chemicals, specialty chemicals, consumer, and maintenance products. Pidilite Industrial Products is one of the major businesses which focusses on specialty chemicals and values customer intimacy by providing customized solutions and proactive service. Pidilite products are known for their quality, providing customer satisfaction, and setting high benchmarks. Products of Pidilite are also compliant with the leading industry standards of quality and environment.

Pidilite Industrial Products has multiple business segments catering to a wide variety of applications such as:

Industrial Adhesives – We offer end to end solutions for multiple Industrial applications. Our major application areas include Lamination, Mattress Assembly, Paper Converting, End of Line Packaging, Cigarette making and packing, Adhesives for Labels and Industrial Tapes, etc. We provide seamless integration into diverse manufacturing processes by offering sustainable products across technologies like EVA, PVAC, Hotmelts etc.

Resins and Polymers for Coatings – We offer water based acrylic paint binder & additives for decorative paint, road marking paint, construction chemicals, carpet backing, wood coating and home care etc. Our resins specialize in water-based road marking paints which help in faster drying and give great performance across different climatic conditions while conforming to International Standards. We supply our products to 45+ countries across the globe.

Leather chemicals – We are famous for our strong acrylics chemistry, PUDs & Pigments in line with latest trends. Pidilite has a strong presence among the chemicals used in Leather Industry due to its quality consistency coupled with high performance. We are a preferred solution provider for tanneries and leather shoe manufacturing industry. Our strong dealer network across the country helps us provide consistent and on time service along with effective trouble shooting.

Textile Chemicals – We supply chemicals used in textile industry such as pigment emulsions & specialty chemicals to be used in processing segments such as pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, finishing & Coating in the textile industry, having manufacturing facilities in India and Bangladesh. We are constantly upgrading our products & process to reduce carbon footprint & move towards eco-friendly products with green chemistry which can be used for a gamut of applications right from baby/infant/kids wear to home furnishing. We have set benchmark in the industry by becoming the First Indian Textile Chemicals Manufacturer to be registered under ZDHC MRSL level – 3, which has been extensively endorsed by several brands like H & M, Zara, M&S, Levi’s, etc.

Paper Chemicals – We are a paper chemical manufacturer with wide range of coating binder for paper & board and specialised chemicals like dispersing agent & Rheology Modifier. We have pioneered in manufacturing of pigment dyes for paper tinting and paper colouration with an experience of 60+ years. Pidifine products are high performance dyes which give very good light fastness & heat fastness properties along with better effluent management.

Maintenance and Repair Solutions – We specialize in providing end to end solutions and not just products to our customers. Our products and services reduce the downtime cost of spares, reduces energy costs, and minimises the cost of maintenance. Our most important applications areas are leak repair for pipes, corrosion resistant coatings in pumps, heat and abrasion resistant coatings etc.

Transportation and Electronics adhesives – Pidilite Industrial Products has an ever-evolving product range for all kind of bonding solutions in the transportation and electronics industry. Our silicone adhesive sealant, protection & thermal management solutions, has established itself in industries like Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, Railways, Smart Mobility, Renewable Energy, Telecom, Smart Lighting, Electrical & Electronics in the last few years. We offer products across various chemistry like PU based, rubber based, water based, epoxy adhesives etc.

Footwear Adhesives – We are the front runners in redefining products and providing products for shoe fixing glue. We provide solutions for all kinds of shoes like women’s shoes, men’s shoes, sports shoes etc. Our comprehensive range of Synthetic Rubber Based (SR) Adhesives, Hotmelt Adhesives, Water Based Adhesives and PU Adhesive for footwear with other speciality products complemented for wide range of Hardeners, Cleaners and primer for shoes offer a complete solution to any adhesive for footwear.

We have a passion for innovation and consistent quality while maintaining customer intimacy. Our strengths include:

 •  Product portfolio of over 1000 cost-effective, top-quality products, developed through strong, in-house R&D
 •  Extensive distribution network: 6,000 distributors and 6,00,000 dealers / retailers across India
 •  Capability to develop customized products and applications
 •  Global presence – manufacturing facilities in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Brazil, US, and Egypt
 •  State-of-the-art R&D centres in India and Singapore
 •  Skilled and experienced manpower: Over 5000 employees

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