Environment, Health & Safety

At Pidilite Industries Limited, we have a firm commitment to growing our business in ways that protect the environment, our people, and society at large. As responsible corporate citizens, we strictly comply with all applicable legal requirements and regulations related to Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental aspects to minimize hazards and risks associated with our products, processes, and services.

Excellence in Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety performance
is of prime importance for us.

Ensure that every individual at Pidilite Industries Limited is committed to maintaining an accident-free workplace while protecting the environment.

Continuously improving our Environmental, Health & Safety performance through effective implementation and periodic performance reviews.

Optimize the use of natural resources by implementing conservation techniques and adopting the 3-R principle of
reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Make determined efforts to move towards zero discharge, zero leakage and spillage, and zero accidents.

Strive to minimize energy use, air pollution, solid & hazardous waste generation at the source by 50% & maximize plant efficiency.