Pidivyl KPS is a water based pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). It has moderate viscosity and is used in making stocks on difficult release papers, giving good wetting.

Product Features

  • Water based pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Excellent tack and peel properties
  • Good machinability and higher shelf life

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: Milky white
  • pH: 4 to 6
  • Viscosity at 30o ̊ C: 40 P to 100 P
  • Can be used by machine and by screen
  • No migration seen in labels
  • Good compatibility with other PSAs for high end applications

Application of Product

  • Ideal for stock labels and stickers
  • Great for making stocks on difficult release papers giving good wetting
  • Perfect for making stocks based on film and paper
  • Mainly used in peel and seal applications
  • Excellent for white goods/automotive applications after formulating with acrylic adhesives

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