From Heels to Soles: All You Need to Know about Shoe Adhesives

From sports shoes to heels, there are numerous options in the footwear category in today’s world. However, the glue that sticks to the sole of the shoes often goes unnoticed. It doesn’t mean it is not important. In fact, it is one of the crucial parts of the shoes that ensures you flaunt your footwear with your favourite outfits imparting durability and longevity. Shoe adhesives are the unsung heroes of the shoe manufacturing process that have evolved significantly in recent years.

Evolution of Shoe Adhesives

Earlier, the traditional method of stitching and nailing the sole and body of the shoes was used. However, today, a complete line of shoe adhesives exists that has simplified the shoe manufacturing process. Different types of shoe adhesives are used in different aspects of shoe manufacturing such
as sole attachment, strap manufacturing, and upper & closer manufacturing. The product lines are designed to deliver to the diverse needs of the footwear industry suiting different raw materials, processing, and performance requirements. Pidilite IP is a top shoe adhesive manufacturing
company that has an impressive lineup of shoe adhesives with excellent properties.

Best Shoe Adhesives Used in Shoe Manufacturing

Solvent-Based Adhesive

Solvent-based adhesives play a crucial role in various stages of shoe manufacturing, including leather sole attachment, PVC, PU, EVA, TPR, TPU leather sole attachment, and EVA leather attachments. These adhesives are specifically designed for the footwear and allied industries that have excellent bonding capabilities and diverse properties. Specifically formulated for these applications, synthetic rubber-based, solvent-borne adhesives are used in crafting the upper part of footwear and the
production of leather goods. Additionally, some variants are dedicated to affixing rubber and EVA soles. It’s important to note that each adhesive type exhibits distinct characteristics such as viscosity, drying time, and tack retention time, catering to specific requirements in the manufacturing process.

Water-Based Adhesive

Water-based adhesive has emerged as an eco-friendly alternative in the footwear and allied industries. This adhesive contains fewer chemicals and has no pungent odour. It offers great bonding strength to glue different shoe components. It is non-flammable in nature which enhances safety
during the production process. Its low toxicity ensures a healthy working environment for the labourers working in the factory. It is a highly versatile option for attaching soles made of PVC, PU, airmax to leather, synthetic fabric uppers, etc.

Hot-Melt Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive is a unique glue that is formulated for multipurpose use in footwear and leather goods manufacturing. This is one of the best glues for shoes offering excellent adhesion to various components used in shoe making. It is pressure-sensitive and has the perfect balance of excellent
peel adhesion, tack, and holding power. Its appearance is colourless translucent solid with softening point of 75 ± 5° C. Hot melt adhesives solidify upon cooling, which eliminates the need for extended curing or drying times. This characteristic reduces downtime in the manufacturing process.

Pidilite IP manufactures some of the strongest glues for shoe manufacturing and similar industries. With unique properties and specifications, these adhesives are a superior choice in assembling different shoe components made up of different materials.

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