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Lamination involves the bonding of materials like plastic films and aluminium foil to paper and paper board material to make Packaging material which is used to pack a variety of edible, non edible and industrial material. The process of using lamination adhesives allows for the creation of composite packaging material with improved aesthetics, mechanical strength of pack, transit worthiness, branding, improved shelf life of product etc. Adhesives play a vital role in making of these packaging materials and imparting typical properties desired like strength, gloss, shelf life improvement, heat resistance and so on. We at Pidilite Industries make a range of Water based adhesives to bond various substrates using both Wet Lamination and Dry lamination techniques. Our adhesive range for lamination application is based on various polymers like Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Acrylics, Acrylic copolymers, VAM copolymers etc. Let us learn more about lamination adhesives and enhanced efficiency that will help both - you and your business.

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Factors to Consider While Picking Lamination Adhesive

When it comes to picking the ideal adhesive for your endeavour, several factors come into consideration. This guide will help you in selecting the most fitting laminating adhesive for your specific requirements.

Varieties of Laminating Adhesives:

The primary step in picking the appropriate laminating adhesive involves the end application and the type of process used to make a laminate. There exist two primary types of laminating processes: Wet or Conventional Lamination and Dry Lamination process. Dry Lamination process necessitates application and drying of the carrier before a laminate is formed by nipping with the second web or substrate. The Wet lamination process as the name suggests is applied on one continuous web and nipped with a second web in the Wet condition. The adhesive gets dried and is then taken for secondary operation. The Dry lamination process can be used for both Porous and non porous surfaces whereas the Wet lamination process needs one of the surfaces to have porosity to carrier evaporation.

Performance Efficiency:

As mentioned above we cater to these applications of laminate making with various chemistries and technologies. In the process of adhesive selection, giving thought to its performance traits and process requirements various properties such as viscosity, green bond, final bond and many factors holds significance. The nature of films used , process and end packaging material expectations play a crucial role in adhesive selection. Each chemistry of adhesive and its rheology comes with unique properties desired from the laminate.

Method of Application and Substrates:

As explained we make a range of adhesives for both Wet and Dry lamination techniques. The nature of surfaces to be used also play a key role in adhesive selection. Adhesives for Metallized Polyester and Polyester film lamination are different from BOPP (Biaxially oriented Poly propylene) and PVC film. The end applications of making laminates for Mono cartons, text book covers, Ice cream sleeves, mouth freshner, decorative packaging material etc are also deciding factors for adhesive selection from a wide range.

Selection of Adhesives:

Deciding on the appropriate laminating adhesive might initially seem daunting, but armed with a grasp of the assorted types available, their performance traits, and the most suitable application methods, you can rest assured that you will make an informed choice that aligns seamlessly with all your requisites. Equipped with this knowledge, you are prepared to embark on your search for precisely what suits your needs!

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If your company operates within the realm of flexible packaging, catering to sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics, textiles, books, soaps, mouth freshners etc. Pidilite – one of the leading lamination adhesive manufacturers in India, will offer you some of the best water-based lamination adhesives and coating solutions that cater to both your present requirements and future aspirations.