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Get Quality Leather Chemicals for The Best Finish

Leather chemicals are specifically formulated substances used in various stages of leather production. These are used to enhance the quality, optics, feel, and performance of leather. These chemicals play a crucial role in transforming raw hides or skins into finished, durable, and visually appealing leather products.

As one of the leading leather chemicals manufacturers in India, we cater to various stages of leather production, ensuring exceptional quality and performance. Here is a leather chemicals list that will help you know the various types of chemicals available with Pidilite Industrial Products:

• Acrylic Syntans
Syntans provide excellent grain tightness and fullness with pliability.

• Finishing auxiliaries
Finishing auxiliaries are used to enhance the quality and appearance of leather in the final stages of production.

• Finishing binders
Finishing binders come in handy to create a cohesive layer, improving colour retention and overall performance.

• Liquid systems
Liquid systems can help improve tanning and dye uptake during the wet-end phase of leather production.

• Pigments
Pigments offer a wide range of vibrant colours for customized leather products. With the right pigments, you can create leather products that are visually appealing, unique and catered to your customers’ preferences.

• Top coats
Top coats provide protection and a premium finish to enhance the durability and appearance of leather goods.

• Wet end auxiliaries
Wet end auxiliaries optimize performanceby assisting in improving the quality and enhancing the performance of the leather.

Applications of Leather Chemicals:

Leather chemicals serve a variety of essential purposes in the production and finishing of leather goods. Here are some key applications of leather chemicals:

Tanning: Leather tanning agents, such as chrome salts or vegetable extracts, are used to convert raw hides or skins into stable and durable leather. They chemically bind with collagen fibres, preventing decomposition and providing strength and flexibility to the leather.

Dyeing: Leather dyes are applied to achieve desired colours and shades in leather products. These chemicals provide rich and vibrant hues, allowing for customization and meeting specific customer preferences.

Wet-End: Wet End includes the wide range of acrylic syntans depending on the type of leather and dyeing auxiliaries for levelness in dyeing.

Finishing: Leather finishing chemicals, including auxiliaries, binders, and top coats, are applied to the surface of the leather to enhance its appearance, durability, and performance. Finishing chemicals can provide softness, water resistance, abrasion resistance, and colour uniformity.

Protection: Leather chemicals like waterproofing agents and UV absorbers help protect leather products from water damage, fading due to sunlight exposure, and other environmental factors. These chemicals ensure that the leather retains its quality and appearance over time.

Cleaning and Care: Leather cleaning and care products, such as leather cleaners, conditioners, and protectants, contain specialized chemicals that help remove dirt, maintain suppleness, and extend the lifespan of leather goods.

Speciality Applications: Some leather chemicals serve specific purposes, such as flame retardants for fire-resistant leather, antimicrobial agents for hygiene applications, and anti-soiling agents for stain resistance.

Explore the finest leather chemicals that cater to all your needs. As one of the leading leather chemical suppliers, our expertise in these products ensures that your leather products meet and exceed industry standards. With our high-quality range, you can enhance the value, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your leather goods, serving your customers in the leather chemicals market with excellence.

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