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Performance-Efficient Packaging Adhesives From Pidilite

In recent years, there has been a significant growth in Packaging and Converting applications consuming mainly Paper and board . And why not, it is a biodegradable option and a much more sustainable alternative to many packing materials like plastic. With the growing awareness of environmental concerns and the implementation of plastic ban more and more people have started using paper packaging materials.

To convert Paper and board based substrates into the Packaging material various processes are involved. The base paper/board are Printed, aqua coated, UV coated, laminated with foil or films in desired sequence based on the type of end application. The processed composite is converted to end packing material using suitable adhesive on low to high speed machines. Adhesive plays a crucial role and is designed to work on various applicators on the converting machines giving fast bond strengths, mechanical stability to the pack, heat & cold resistance, suitable humidity resistance, chemical resistance and so on.

Pidilite Industries makes a range of Water based and Hot melt adhesives which work on a wide spectrum of applications. Our range includes adhesives based on Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) emulsions, Polyvinyl acetate based Emulsions, Polyvinyl alcohol polymer based, Polyolefin based hotmelts, EVA based hot melts and so on.

Factors to Consider While Picking Packaging Adhesive:

When it comes to picking the ideal adhesive for your endeavour, several factors come into consideration. This guide will help you in selecting the most fitting converting adhesive for your specific requirements.

Varieties of Paper Converting Adhesives:

A preliminary step in picking the appropriate converting adhesive involves understanding the end application, nature of substrates involved, type of process and speed of operation to make the end product. Pidilite offers a range of hot melt and Water based adhesives for various applications to make Mono cartons and Fluted cartons involving laminated and non laminated surfaces. We offer various solutions for many sustainable applications like Paper bags and Sacks, Straw making, Paper cups, Honeycomb, Paper Pallets, transfer metallizing, board building etc. We also cater to a wide spectrum of Paper Converting applications like Wads, Ice cream cones etc.
Every application has a unique conversion process involving machines which work at various speeds, adhesive is dispensed or applied by different applicators.

Performance Efficiency:

As described above we provide solutions to various applications of Converting making a wide spectrum of adhesives with various chemistries and technologies. In the process of adhesive selection, giving thought to its performance traits and application requirements various properties such as viscosity, green bond, final bond and many factors holds significance. The nature of surfaces used, process and end packaging material expectations play a crucial role in adhesive selection from our range of water based and hot melt adhesives . Each chemistry of adhesive and its rheology comes with unique properties desired to meet the modern day requirements of todays aesthetically designed Pack.

Method of Application and Substrates:

As explained we make products with unique properties for various substrates involved for making packs based on Paper & board and laminated surfaces. Method of application plays a key role in adhesive selection. Product rheology, viscosity and chemistry are few factors which decide whether the product can be applied using a Nozzle, wheel, stereo or gravure type of applicator.

Selection of Adhesives:

Product selection is governed by application process, end application, nature of surfaces, speed of operation, type of applicator. Pidilite offers a range of water based on hot melt adhesive for a wide spectrum of Converting applications to make value added Packaging material which withstands extreme climatic conditions for Indian and overseas markets, outperforms in bonding requirements for most difficult substrates and works effectively on latest high speed machines.

Compliance requirements:

As most applications involve making Environmentally Sustainable packing and packs for Food and pharma industry, the adhesive should be Compliant to various Indian and International standards. Most of our adhesive complies for various FDA, SVHC and other norms.

How Paper Packaging Contributes to Sustainability

  • Renewable Resource: Paper bags are made from wood, a continuously replenishing natural resource.
  • Carbon Storage: As young trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Paper, derived from wood, continues to store carbon throughout its life. This saves substantial carbon emissions.
  • strong>Low Environmental Impact: Life cycle assessments show that paper bags, whether made from virgin or recycled fibres, have a minimal impact on global warming compared to plastic bags.
  • Recyclable and Biodegradable: Paper bags are recycled multiple times, contributing to reduced landfill emissions. When disposed of in nature, they biodegrade harmlessly in two to five months.
  • Reusability: Consumers can reuse paper bags for various purposes and make the most out of the material.
  • Eco-Labeling: Many paper bags are labelled with environmental information, helping consumers make informed choices and even align with the sustainability values of paper carton manufacturers.
  • Environmental Symbols: Eco-labeling of paper bags is a growing trend, where paper products are often marked with details about environmental considerations throughout specific stages of their life cycle.

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