• Our unwavering focus on R&D, consistent quality, and customer satisfaction has propelled us to the position of market leaders, many of our products outselling those of well-known multinational companies.
  • The No. 1 seller among Pigment Printing Systems in India
  • A major market share in the Speciality Pigment Dispersion segment, specifically those designed for dope dyeing (viscose rayon) and for tinting and coating of paper
  • One of the major players in Pigment Dyeing Systems for garments by exhaust method
  • Our remarkable range of high quality, speciality chemicals offered at reasonable prices for the textile and paper industries has made us the preferred choice of our customers across the world.
  • Pigment Printing Systems & Speciality Additives for textiles and paper manufactured to the quality requirements of customers in India and countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Gulf region
  • A wide range of Wet Processing Textile Chemicals
  • Complete Pigment Printing Package including Pigment Dispersions, Synthetic Thickeners, high quality Binders, and performance enhancing Auxiliaries
  • Many of our products are old and trusted brands. Not surprising when you consider that we’re recognised for the outstanding quality of our products and rich industry experience.
  • Vast experience of over five decades in manufacturing Pigment Dispersions
  • Pioneer in Textile Finishing Chemicals based on Polyvinyl Acetate emulsions
  • Pidilite’s well-known textile chemical brands: TEXCRON, PIDICRYL, RANIPAL, PIDIPRINT, PIDICRON, PIDIFIX, PIDIVYL

Textile Chemicals

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