Medium strength Anaerobic formulation, Specially designed for sealing & locking of studs, nuts, bolts & small screws.

Product Features

  • Oil Telerant, Thixotropic grade
  • Withstands vibrational loads
  • Prevents corrosion and replace Nylon nuts
  • Can be used for medium strength applications
  • Can be dismantled with mechanical tools
  • Superior to conventional locking devices

Technical Specification

  • Chemical Type Dimethacrylate ester
  • Components One component – requires no mixing
  • Cure Anaerobic
  • Application Threadlocking- Medium Strength

Application of Product

  • Fills gaps upto 0.25 mm
  • Good resistance to all usual fluids, gases, chemicals
  • Temperature resistance upto 1500C
  • Oil Resistant, ideal for applications with slight oil film or oil contaimination. Used in pump motor mounting bolts, presses etc. threaded nuts, bolts which requires easy reopening .

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