Fevicol PL 101 is a two component, solvent borne, polyurethane adhesive specially developed for footwear and other allied industries.

Product Features

  • Specially designed for footwear and other allied industries
  • Flammability: Highly flammable

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: Colourless transparent to slightly hazy liquid
  • Odour: Predominantly ketonic
  • Viscosity: 5 to 10 P
  • Diluent/cleaner: Cleaner – 303/301
  • Flash point: -18 to 0° C

Application of Product

  • Sole attaching applications like bonding of unit soles made of PVC, PU to leather, synthetic fabric uppers etc.
  • Bonding of soles made of Thermo Plastic Rubber(TPR), resin/microcellular rubber soles, and EVA soles

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