FevicolSA 884 LB is a metallocene catalysed polyolefin based hotmelt adhesive. It is suitable for laminated and varnished surfaces.

Product Features

  • Binder for clear film and aqua varnished based packaging material
  • Suitable viscosity for nozzle applicators
  • High coverage than conventional EVA based hotmelt adhesive
  • No nozzle choking and low maintenance costs

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: White granules
  • Melt viscosity at 150º C: 1500 cP to 2500 cP
  • Softening point: 90º C to 100º C

Application of Product

  • Suitable for laminated and varnished surfaces
  • Ideal for carton making and flap closing
  • Highly used in tray formation, tissue box pasting, and wrapper pasting
  • Great for tray erection in tile industry

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