FEVICOL SP 4 is a spray able synthetic rubber based solvent containing contact adhesive. The adhesive gets dry to form a tough flexible film with good resistance to heat and aging. It demonstrates fast initial strength and good contact capability. It is specially designed for industrial chair manufacturing and post forming.

Product Features

  • Free from benzene
  • Excellent coverage
  • Faster bonding
  • High productivity and economical
  • Mild smell
  • With one way application; the assembly should be done within short time
  • When used as two ways adhesive; the open time for assembly is not a constraint

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: Light yellowish liquid
  • Viscosity at 30 ÌŠC: 100 cP to 300 cP (By Brookfield Viscometer RVT/Spindle #3/20 RPM)
  • Specific gravity at 30 ÌŠ:C 0.82gm/ml
  • Solids: 21%
  • Peel Strength (after curing 24 hrs at ambient temp.) Painted MS to Foam Cloth: 2.0 Kg/inch
  • Diluents/Cleaner: toluene
  • Drying time: 12 minutes
  • Tack retention time: 15 minutes
  • Operating Temperature: 20 ÌŠC to 80 ÌŠC
  • Coverage: 78/m2 (approx)

Application of Product

  • Mostly used as spray able adhesive for industrial chair manufacturers
  • Used in upholstery segment for making of sofas, mattresses & foam manufacturing units
  • Used for making of writing board where the substrates bonded are cardboard (Honeycomb type cardboard) to white laminate and cardboard to aluminum sheet

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