Pidicryl 120V is a dispersing agent for water-based paints for dispersions of Pigment and Extenders. It is a dispersing agent used in the manufacture of Premium Emulsion Paints. Its salient features are superior gloss development and high efficiency with inorganic pigments, especially TiO2.

Dispersing agents act by coating the surfaces of inorganic mineral particles with negative charges–through attraction to the positive charges that develop on the particles when the particles come into contact with water. This process is known as ‘adsorption’. The effect of the adsorption of dispersing agent is to produce a net negative charge on the particle surface such that the particles repel each other. This repulsion reduces any tendency of the slurried mineral to flocculate or agglomerate. When a mineral is dispersed in water using dispersing agent, this repulsion reduces the interaction between particles, thus lowering the viscosity of the mineral slurry or paint mill-base. The slurry can then remain fluid until quite a high quantity of the mineral is added (70 – 80% mineral). The slurry also has better flow properties and can remain stable longer with dispersing agent than without it.

Product Features

  • Very High Dispersion Efficiency which improves hiding property
  • Formulation of high-gloss / low pigment volume concentration coatings
  • Suited for the dispersion of inorganic pigments such as clay, titanium dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, zinc oxide, or basic lead silicate etc.
  • Improves paint stability
  • Efficient at low dosage and hence provides Cost saving to Paint formulators
  • Improves Rheology and Enhances Gloss Development

Technical Specification

  • Physical Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
  • Total Solids: 25 ± 1%
  • Viscosity: 40.0 – 120.0 cps
  • pH: 9.0 – 10.0

Application of Product

  • Pidicryl 120V can be used as dispersing agent with High Performance Binder and in Premium Emulsion Paint
  • High Gloss Water based Enamel paint

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