Pidiseal 3P is a single component, elastomeric, neutral, silicone sealant which cures at room temperature with air moisture. It provides excellent adhesion to most engineering materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, glassProcess Industries, and fibre glass.

Product Features

  • Single component
  • Easy to apply on vertical and overhead joints
  • Cures rapidly at room temperature
  • Excellent resistance to weather changes, vibrations, and moisture
  • Good electrical insulation

Technical Specification

  • Colour: Translucent white
  • Flow/Sag at ambient: Nil
  • Density at ambient: 1.03 gm/cm3
  • Tack free time at ambient: 15 minutes
  • Full curing time at ambient: 24 hours (for bead of 2 mm thickness and width)
  • Hardness (Shore A after 7 days cure) at ambient: 22
  • Elongation at break at ambient: 0%- 250%
  • Not paintable
  • Temperature resistance: – 40° C to 20° C

Application of Product

  • Seals cracks around windows, ducts and other fixtures
  • Ideal for sealing leaks in gutters, ducts, piping and downspouts
  • Excellent for making gaskets for gear boxes, machine cover gauges and thermostat housing to prevent oil and water leaks
  • Perfect for protecting glass meter covers from vibration

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