Teknotex AM 200

Teknotex AM 200 is a broad spectrum, non-leaching, non-toxic, durable antimicrobial.

Product Features

  • It is durable, non- toxic antimicrobial imparting broad spectrum, bio-static activity to the surface of wide variety of substrates. It is non-leaching, non-migrating & is not consumed by microorganisms
  • It is effective against gram positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, viruses, Mold, algae & yeasts
  • Prevents deterioration & discoloration caused by bacteria, fungi, algae & yeasts
  • Prolongs the life of an article by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mildew
  • It provides hygienic freshness. It resists odors through chemical protection
  • It retains the freshness of an article by inhibiting or resisting the growth of odor causing bacterial and mildew (fungus)

Technical Specification

  • Physical appearance: Pale yellow to amber coloured liquid
  • Chemical nature: Si-quat ammonium compound
  • pH: 5±1
  • Solubility: Miscible in all proportions with water
  • Thermal stability: Stable

Application of Product

  • Anti-microbial Finish for textile

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