Texcron Black NG XF

Texcron Black NG XF is an aqueous, non-gelling, Jet Black homogenous dispersion for pigment printing, dyeing and coating

Product Features

  • Stable viscosity of print paste throughout printing
  • Excellent emulsion system, avoid agglomeration on storage
  • Uniform particle size distribution, easily miscible in water
  • Low pumpable viscosity suitable for automatic colour kitchens
  • Excellent brilliancy, colour build up and tonal superiority

Technical Specification

  • Physical Appearance: Black Homogenous dispersion
  • pH (As such product): 6.5 to 8.5
  • Ionic Nature: Non-ionic

Application of Product

  • Textile printing – Direct, Resist, Discharge styles
  • Textile dyeing – Pigment dyeing
  • Textile coating – Pigment coating
  • Application areas – clothing, home furnishing, outdoor furnishing, auto – tech upholstery

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