The pigment emulsion life cycle starts with the selection of suitable pigment emulsion, storage during use, application on various substrates, and finally, its ecological impact after printing. Hence, proper selection of pigment emulsion is a very vital role in textile processing.

Pidilite pigment emulsions have a various range of pigment emulsions series. Texcron pigment emulsion series has high performance, excellent quality, and consistency. Texcron series is renowned for Pidilite fabric colour.

Texcron Violet MB is having high strength, uniform particle size distribution, and excellent brightness. It is suitable for the auto-dispensing colour kitchen machine. Texcron pigment colours are suitable to use for fabric printing, dyeing, coating etc.

Product Features

  • Excellent light fastness and other fastness properties
  • Slow drying behaviour, stable emulsion viscosity for long duration on storage
  • Excellent Brilliancy, better Colour Build-up, Tonal Superiority

Technical Specification

  • Physical Appearance: Violet Homogeneous dispersion
  • pH (As such product): 6.5 to 8.5
  • Ionic Nature: Non-ionic

Application of Product

  • Textile printing – Direct, Resist, Discharge styles
  • Textile dyeing – Pigment dyeing
  • Textile coating – Pigment coating
  • Application areas – clothing, home furnishing, outdoor furnishing, auto – tech upholstery

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