USPRO foam is single component moisture cure polyurethane foam (OCF). It is primarily used to seal, fix, and fill, the gap between door, window, and wall.

Product Features

  • Easy to use like DIY
  • Automatic spray
  • Automatic expansion helps in filling all gaps
  • Air humidity cure mechanism
  • No pre treatment required for surface
  • Good viscosity (especially on wet surface)

Technical Specification

  • Base: Polyurethane
  • Density: 15 kg/m3 to 30 kg/m3
  • Temperature resistance of cured foam: 35o C to 80o C
  • Tack free time: 9 minutes to13 minutes
  • Cutting time: 60 minutes
  • Foam yield: 6 lt/100 ml
  • Adhesive strength PVC to PVC: >100 KPA
  • Aluminium to aluminium: > 80KPA
  • Elongation at break: 8% to 20%
  • Compression strength at 10% compression: 35 KPA to 100 KPA
  • Shear strength: 22 KPA to 50 KPA
  • Water absorption by volume: 0.03%
  • Thermo conductivity: < 0.035 Kcal/mHo C
  • Closed cells: 60% to 70%
  • Average burning time: 60 seconds
  • Average burning scope: 25 mm

Application of Product

  • Perfect sealant for cable entries from walls, electric switchboards, panel boards
  • Ideal for telecom towers and power supply panel boards
  • Great for making model, sand plate, repair of show board in advertising field
  • Best suited as a sealant in speech room and broadcasting studio for insulation and absorption of sound
  • Daily maintenance like repairing of hole or gap in wall brick or earth brick
  • Excellent for mending hole in water pipe
  • Highly recommended for packing valuable and fragile goods to provide shock resistance

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