ZORRIK HB 1430 is a two pack polyamide cured high build epoxy coating reinforced with micaceous iron oxide pigments. It is designed as an intermediate coat in the 3 tier epoxy system or epoxy/PU protective coating systems. It works well as a coating over steel or concrete and offers extreme resistance to the passage of corrosive ions, because of the lamellar structure of MIO particles. This MIO based high build coating is most suitable for use in marine and offshore applications due to its superior water impermeability

Product Features

Extreme barrier properties
  • Contains lamellar pigments
  • High build to yield higher thickness

Technical Specification

  • Chemical composition:  Non soap thickener
  • Physical: black to grey black Grease (Paste)


  • ASTM D2471
  • ASTM D2697
  • ASTM D 4414
  • ASTM D 1186
  • ASTM D 1640
  • ASTM D 3278
  • ASTM D 522
  • ASTM D 3359

Application of Product

  • Surface preparation followed by application either by Brush or Spray

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