A nonflammable, non residual, plastic safe “ON-LINE” Cleaner formulated from the selected blend of solvents that removes moisture, oil, grease, waxy sludge, dirt or any other contaminations effectively from Contact Surfaces.

Product Features

  • Nonflammable and hence can be used “ON-LINE”

Technical Specification

  • Appearance: Liquid

Application of Product

  • Electrical connectors, switches, bus bars, sliding and rotary tuners, potentiometers, test instruments, rocker / push-pull switches, relays, circuit breakers, transformers, switchgears, bus bars, Terminals, Transformers, motors, generators, control instruments, communication assemblies, starters, solenoids, Capacitors, Fuse Boxes, Ignition systems etc. An ideal product for cleaning of a component prior to application of anticorrosion coating, paint or any other type of coatings

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