Zorrik UV 7037

ZORRIK UV 7037 is a two-component elastomeric, colour pigmented polyurethane coating formulated for application in heavily-trafficked areas. It is composed of Hydroxyl-terminated Polyol, polyisocyanates of weather durable quality, lightfast, UV resistant & chemical resistant coloured pigments, moisture-free solvents & many additives to improve application & performance properties of the coating. After application, it provides hard elastic, UV resistant, abrasion & chemical resistant surface

Product Features

  • Car park decks (indoor & outdoor) • Walls, Car park ramps & traffic aisles • Entrance & exit areas • Pedestrian walkways • Light engineering workshops • Protective coating for steel structures

Technical Specification

  • Chemical composition: PU, Hydroxyl-terminated Polyol, polyisocyanates
  • Physical:  White
  • ASTM D 412
  • ASTM D 1044

Application of Product

  • Surface preparation followed by primer, topcoat and then Zorik UV 7037 for UV protection.

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