It is an acrylic-aliphatic polyurethane topcoat to provide a glossy and non-yellowing pigmented coating for external as well as critical internal applications. In addition to having good colour and gloss retention, it is most suitable as a topcoat in any anti-corrosive system in saline and chemical environments. It is hard, flexible and abrasion-resistant
and is available in any desired shade as per customer’s specifications.

Product Features

Excellent UV resistance
  • Fast curing
  •  Resistant to most chemicals

Technical Specification

  • Chemical composition: Acrylic-aliphatic polyisocyanate
  • Physical:  Two-pack Pu with a glossy finish


  • ASTM D2471
  • ASTM D 1186
  • ASTM D 1640
  • ASTM D 638
  • ASTM D 2697
  • ASTM D 3359
  • ATM D 522
  • ASTM D 117
  • ASTM D 154
  • ASTM D 3278

Application of Product

  • Ensure that the surface is clean and dry before applying Zorrik UV 7039 Stir resin thoroughly and then mix 5 parts of resin with 1 part of hardener by volume

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