ZORRIK water based cleaner 200

A Heavy Duty Cleaner meant for the ferrous metal in spray and ultrasonic machine. It leaves almost zero residues on the cleaned surface.

Product Features

  • Remove soil, swarf, rust preventive film and smut
  • Low foaming and withstand 200 bar spray pressure
  • Good short term rust protection, if water rinses not given.
  • De-emulsify oil, when returns to the sump, it gives good sump life
  • Free from low molecular weight volatile solvent
  • Formulated using non-toxic ingredients and can be used for all food and pharma applications

Technical Specification

  • Physical: Clear to slight haze liquid

Application of Product

  •  Add Zorrik Water Based Cleaner – 200 to water for preparation of the solution
  • The concentration of the solution and processing time depends upon type and amount of contaminants to be removed, application method and geometry of the component to be cleaned
  •  Concentration control is recommended by titration method as removed oil can modify the concentration reading, if checked with a refractometer

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